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About Us

Uplifting, Inspiring, Empowering 

A Sister's Place Life Coaching Community is nonprofit organization founded by Alyta Mack and Jennifer Canada. ASP is a space where like minded women from diverse backgrounds can learn and grow.  We offer services such as Personal and Financial Life Coaching, Financial Workshops, Goal Planning, Networking, and Community Outreach.

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Our Story

Alyta and Jennifer met while volunteering for a financial self-help program. After a few years of volunteering together, they became fast friends and sisters. Their desire to do more to assist the women they encountered became the topic of many conversations and A Sisters Place was born.


A Sisters Place (ASP) had been a dream for many years but the need for ASP is greater now more than ever. As the divide between disadvantaged communities and the wealthy American 1% has grown astronomically, these communities are affected by low wages, predatory lending businesses, and financial literacy barriers.  


ASP was established as a place to foster hopes and dreams. It has also been developed as a safe place to implement and execute a plan for financial freedom by utilizing partnerships and opportunities with our corporate community. Our business model reflects that of a village in which an individual gains knowledge then passes it on to new sisters (members) down the line. We understand people learn differently so we will have traditional learning opportunities as well as experiences to reinforce the financial principals.

Meet The Team

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